Donor Impact

Dear Sabrina and Robert,

As it has been almost one year since I was honoured as the first recipient of the amazing Zara Buren Memorial Award, I wanted to thank you again send along a brief note.

Words really don't capture how much gratitude I feel for the journey over the past year. The recognition and support provided by the bursary has created entirely new pathways for me in the sport of Eventing. The learning opportunities to grow and improve as a rider have been phenomenal. Despite the setback of my partner Havana becoming injured, I've had the time and opportunity to care for her, help her recover and also continue riding. Her latest scans from the vet are really encouraging and she is slowly coming back to work - walking and trotting. Recently, I was surprised to win the OEA Anne Zander Memorial Youth Horsemanship Award - especially as it was a nominated award from the great community in our sport.

As I was reflecting on the year that has passed, there is something else important as well. While I wasn’t fortunate enough to know Zara well, the times I did see her and what I have come to know of her, have come to inspire me every day. I want to thank you and the whole family, and I know I will always feel encouraged to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life. Moving forward, if I can help encourage young riders and others to get involved with the Foundation, I would be happy to continue sharing my story and the ways in which the bursary has played such a huge role for me.

I am very lucky to be in Florida right now with my coach Selena - where I have just completed my first event here with 'Benny'. As in the picture, always proud to be supporting the Foundation! We had a great, learning run and are looking forward to a couple more competitions before I return home to get Havana back to full work if all goes well.

I look forward to staying in touch and I wish you all the best, with my deepest thanks,


Avery Brennan